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We know that finding the right place to work can be daunting. Lots of companies say that they’re all part of one big family, but at Crest we mean it. You hear it from every one of our team members. One of the pillars of our company is The Right People. We believe in hiring for culture and developing talent. With great benefits and internal training tools throughout our different business units, it’s obvious that we care about our people and want them to succeed in every aspect of their life. Are you made for the challenge?

A word from our team members

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“We are not just a team, we are family. That’s what Optimal is. That’s why we are different and that’s why I know I’m working at the right place working for the right people."

Chad Ayzienne

Optimal Field Services, Site Manager

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-Lindsey Launius

Crest Industries

“Everybody wants to have that job where they get up every morning excited to come to work. I found that job at DIS-TRAN."

Keith Henry

DIS-TRAN Packaged Substations, Project Development Specialist

“Beta Engineering shares and lives by my values: to do what you say, turn challenges into success, and to win as a team.”

Sarah Halbert

Beta Engineering, VP of Business Systems

“Not just CNR, but Crest as a whole, give their employees the tools they need to succeed. Their level of investment is tremendous."

Dan Taylor

CNR, Forest Ops Manager

“I spent a lot of my career at public companies, and there was a lot of politics, a lot of people worrying about appearances and not results. But when I got to DIS-TRAN Steel, all that stuff doesn’t matter."

Marcus Colligan

DIS-TRAN Steel, FAB Product Manager

Our Community

We know that it’s important to not only support our employees, but also do our part to better the community around us. Crest continuously supports local high schools and colleges through sponsorships and events.

We hold special programs for our high schoolers in an effort to bring up the next generation of our workforce. Working closely with schools with programs in welding, robotics and engineering to help transition them straight into the trades we hire for. We also stay actively involved in events and fund raisers in our area because we care about the things our people care about.

our school partners

Upcoming Events

Job Fair
September 5, 2020
Job Shadowing Day 2020
April 20, 2020
Manufacturing Day 2020
October 3, 2020


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"Hire for culture, develop talent."

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Send in your resume and apply anyway. One of the 3 foundational pillars of Crest Industries is the right People. If you're made for the challenge, we'd love to chat with you more.
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