A Company for All of Your Project Needs

We are known for creating entire companies based on our customers' needs. There is never a project too big or too challenging for Crest's businesses.
We provide custom project solutions for multiple industries. To best serve our customers, our companies are divided into platforms.


Electric power delivery

Crest's Electric Power Delivery Platform touches many parts of the power delivery industry. Every day the power industry is stretched by the world's growing demand for electricity. Many variables impact your decisions including uncertain regulations, aging infrastructure, and emerging transmission technologies. Our pacesetting skills deliver with the highest safety standards and compliance in the electric power delivery industry.


Industrial Services

Optimal leverages its sister companies to give you a total solution of services that adapts to your project demands. This allows you to achieve one significant, unique project all under one purchase order. With the partnerships of DIS-TRAN Steel, Millennium Galvanizing, and Mid-State Supply, we can provide custom solutions for a full range of industries.



Mid-State Supply offers wholesale distribution to the electrical and industrial markets.


Specialty chemicals

Deeply rooted in innovation, Crest Industries, created Avant Organics to better help customers in multiple industries create sustainable products. Leveraging advanced biology and chemistry research, Avant Organics manufactures a variety of renewable goods such as flavors used in foods and medicine, fragrances, and other components used in everyday life. The company’s name, Avant, embodies the culture and mindset of our team – to push the boundaries of what is accepted as the norm or the status quo. Our team brings the manufacturing know-how, engineering expertise, and core values that enable our customers to adapt, grow, and meet the challenges within their industries using an Avant approach.


Natural resources

Crest Natural Resources (CNR), is a timber company with deep roots in Central Louisiana. We currently own more than 100,000 acres of highly productive timberland throughout Louisiana and East Texas. As a natural resources company, we strive to use the most advanced technology in all our management operations without harming the environment around us. We are aggressively searching to purchase more acreage in our operating areas.  We are also currently using the most advanced GIS and GPS utilities to manage our holdings.


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