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CREST is your solution.

Reliable, innovative solutions to help you take control of your business and do more with less.


In our industries, teams are constantly tasked with delivering more with less, leaving you feeling pressured.
You deserve the resources you need to meet the challenge.

We Work as
an Extension Of Your Team

Our success is dependent on your success. Hardworking dedication has been the driving factor in our companies growth since 1958. We get right into the project,
roll up our sleeves and help you deliver.

Move Faster

Our vertically integrated family of companies can see your project through from start to finish. Let us streamline the communication and planning throughout our pipeline and help you deliver projects faster than ever before.


We Listen

We learn about your project’s unique needs, challenges, and goals.

We Roll Up Our Sleeves

We innovate, develop a custom solution, and execute.

Your Success

Your project is delivered seamlessly and exceeds your expectations.

Improve Safety & Quality While
Compressing Project Schedules

For more than 60 years, we’ve added value for our customers on thousands of projects worldwide.

Customers Who Leverage Crest Industries' Companies

"Before, it would take us 6 or 7 months to build a substation. Now we are building a substation in less than half the time."

“This approach [EPC] helps us avoid the finger pointing of using multiple partners.”

“DIS-TRAN Steel always finds a way to make things work. There’s never any excuse making or “we can’t do that.”

"Optimal's team raised the bar and educated us on how a specialty contractor company is supposed to act and perform. We will no longer settle for less. Optimal is our go-to contractor."

“Working with Mid-State Supply has given me the opportunity to lower my operating cost. Their team never lets me down. Their commitment to customers is second to none.”

What's Achievable

Stop letting your projects run you and have peace-of-mind when it comes to your project's success.

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