DIS-TRAN Steel Expands Footprint in the Midwest

DIS-TRAN Steel, a part of the Crest Industries Family of Businesses and one of the nation’s leading steel pole manufacturers, is expanding its operations in the Midwestern and Ohio Valley Regions with a new steel plate processing facility. The Louisiana-based manufacturer is moving into an existing facility in Chicago Heights, IL., to support their new steel pole manufacturing operations in Washington Court House, OH.

“The DTS and Crest leadership team is extremely excited about this opportunity and the potential it brings to the company, our communities, and our industries,” says CrestIndustries Owner & CEO, Kenneth Robison.

The fully staffed, immediately operational facility has industry-leading equipment that will allow DIS-TRAN Steel and Crest Industries to continue to provide high-performance products to customers in the electric utility industry.

“Our expansion into Chicago Heights comes as a result of our solid foundation within the industry, the strong demand to expand our nation’s electrical infrastructure, and our commitment to the Midwestern region,” says Jarrod Gemar, VP of Business Operations for DIS-TRAN Steel.

The teams at DIS-TRAN Steel and Crest are committed to the betterment of their communities, their customers, their industry, and each other. With ongoing sustainability efforts, community investment and safety programs, the Crest Family of Businesses is providing the highest level of integrity modern customers can rely on.

This new expansion provides the increased capacity and manpower needed for DIS-TRAN Steel to better serve its customers in the Ohio Valley, Northeast and Upper Midwestern parts of the United States.

“We saw the right opportunity in Chicago Heights, and we’re excited about what it means for DIS-TRAN moving forward,” says ClaytonEagles, VP of Pole Operations. “This expansion gives us greater control of our supply chain, meaning we can deliver more for our customers and maintain the same level of quality that the DIS-TRAN community has come to expect.”

The expansion into Illinois will allow DIS-TRAN Steel to effectively double their employment and productivity in the region as they continue to become a much larger player in the area. The county’s skilled workforce and culture align well with the company’s commitment to integrity, transparency, respect, and quality.

“People of integrity help us to build a culture of excellence and continuous improvement,” says Donnie Roberts, PE, President of DIS-TRAN Steel. “We are always trying to better ourselves as people and better ourselves as a company – that’s what will make us successful.”

For more information about projects, jobs and opportunities with DIS-TRAN Steel and Crest Industries, please visit distransteel.com or crestoperations.com/careers.

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