Crest Industries Partners with Glass Act Recycling for Earth Day

Crest Industries partners with Glass Act Recycling, Rapides Parish Schools, & Keep Louisiana Beautiful for 2023 parish-wide Glass Drive.

The Crest Family of Companies is celebrating Earth Day in style and partnering with a central Louisiana recycling facility to educate students on the importance of sustainability and promote recycling and waste reduction within the community.

In an effort to engage students, educators, and parents with the mission of Glass Act Recycling and Keep LouisianaBeautiful, Glass Act Recycling is partnering with Crest Industries and Rapides Parish Schools (RPSB) for the first Rapides Parish K-12 Student Glass Drive.

The event coincides with Earth Day and Louisiana’s LOVE THE BOOT WEEK. RPSB students, faculty, and staff were encouraged to participate by collecting their food-grade glass containers during the two weeks leading up to Earth Day. Volunteers from Crest Industries and Glass Act collected, weighed, and tallied the contributions from each school.

"As a school system, we strive to not only make an impact within our school buildings but within our communities as well,”says Superintendent of Rapides Parish Schools, Jeff Powell. “[...] If our school district can inspire others to help change the world for the better, then we can continue to show the world that Rapides Parish truly is better together."

Through the efforts of students, faculty, parents, and community members the glass drive saved more than 2,500 pounds of glass from entering local landfills. Crest Industries alone recycled 300 pounds of glass during the two-week drive.

Crest Industries team members and volunteers collect glass at Glass Act Recycling's 2023 Earth Day Glass Drive

“Our team at Crest has a long history of partnering with central Louisiana schools to support students, and we are excited to continue and expand that tradition through this new initiative with Glass Act,” says Sarah C. LaBorde, Crest Industries Sustainability Specialist. She continued to say, “sustainability is a group effort – everyone can have an individual impact, but when we come together, the possibilities are limitless. It’s important that we educate the students within the Rapides Parish School District about the opportunities and benefits of recycling and sustainable living so that we can empower our community for generations to come. ”

Annie Collins, Executive Director of Glass Act Recycling, shares that “what these students and their parents are able to experience when they visit the center is a game changer. To see firsthand what 130 thousand pounds of glass looks like, how it is transformed, and why is so vital to make a change. They become aware that recycling is not a choice, it is a responsibility.”

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GLASS ACT RECYCLING - Glass Act Recycling is a non-profit organization with a goal of reducing glass waste in the local landfill while simultaneously creating new products from the recycled glass both for practical and creative endeavors. To learn more about this full-circle recycling center, visit

RAPIDES PARISH SCHOOLS - Rapides Parish Schools are relentlessly committed to providing a supportive and innovative educational system thatENGAGES our community, EMPOWERS individuals, and ELEVATES our people to their maximum potential Learn more at

CREST INDUSTRIES - Founded in 1958, Crest Industries is the operating company for a family of world-class project-oriented businesses specialized in electric power delivery, industrial services, distribution, specialty chemicals, and natural resources. Crest Industries is a company rooted in ourp eople and built around progress – growing year after year, unafraid to embrace bold, new ideas to improve the way we support our teams, clients, and communities. Learn more at

 KEEP LOUISIANA BEAUTIFUL - Keep Louisiana Beautiful is a non-profit organization dedicated to achieving a cleaner, greener Louisiana through litter reduction and beautification initiatives. To learn about our network ofCommunity and University Affiliates, grant opportunities, educational programs, and ways to get Involved, please visit www.keeplouisianabeautiful.orgKeep Louisiana Beautiful is anAffiliate of Keep America Beautiful.

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