Crest Industries Wins Equality & Inclusion Award

Sarah Sasser, Crest Industries Talent Management Director, accepts the P&G Equality & Inclusion Award on behalf of Crest Industries.

Crest Industries is a company rooted in its people and built around progress; growing year after year, unafraid to embrace bold, new ideas to improve the way they support their teams, clients, and communities.

In 2020, the Central Louisiana Regional Chamber of Commerce and Procter & Gamble teamed up to establish the Equality & Inclusion Award to highlight a business that is committed to creating an environment of equality, accessibility, and diversity. And on November 5, 2021, Crest Industries was honored with this distinction for their teams and the strides they make in promoting accessible STEM education, youth empowerment, and women’s positive impact on the industries and communities they serve.

“Part of who we are as a company is our dedication to continuous improvement; and inclusivity, equality, and company culture are a major part of that,” says Crest Industries Owner & CEO Kenneth Robison. “We always look for ways we can be better and build a better company for our team members, our families, and the communities that we operate in across the country.”

“We are honored to receive this award,” says Sarah Sasser, Crest Industries Talent Management Director. “Empowering our teams, finding the right people, and hiring for culture are more than just business initiatives; it’s a passion for all of us. And we’ll continue to use that passion to stay driven toward creating a better future for our communities and organizations.”  

The award specifically recognized Crest's #WomenInIndustry campaign that highlights the impact women have on the Crest Family, their businesses, and the traditionally male-dominated industries they serve. The company used this opportunity to showcase the women of Crest who are challenging industry norms with the hopes of creating a more inclusive community and empowering other women in the area to question the status quo and reach their fullest potential.

The award committee also recognized Crest’s efforts to sponsor and promote in-school and extracurricular programs, supply professional mentors, and provide donations to ensure the youth of their communities are empowered to achieve their dreams and explore new possibilities regardless of race, gender, background, or economic standing.

If you are interested in joining the teams at Crest Industries or partnering with them on a project, visit to explore all the opportunities available in the Crest Family.

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