Avant & Crest Teams Recognized for Corporate Launch Strategy

The team from Avant Organics and Crest Industries was honored on June 10 for the strategic launch of their new start-up in 2022. Avant Organics is the ninth and newest member of the Crest Industries family of companies.

Sarah Montelaro (Manager of Technology) & Tommy Fontenot (VP of Operations) with Avant Organics provide a taste test of Avant products Crest's Senior Executive Team.

The Public Relations Association of Louisiana (PRAL) recognized the team for their "exceptional, innovative and highly creative" work launching the business to the industry and awarded the team "Best in Show" in the statewide 2022 Torché Awards.

The Torché Awards program was established by the Public Relations Association of Louisiana (PRAL) in 2020 to recognize outstanding work in the field of public relations and provide Louisiana professionals the opportunity to gain feedback on their strategic initiatives.

The teams at Crest Industries use opportunities like this awards program to gain feedback from seasoned professionals across the country and lean into the company’s strong ideals of continuous improvement and innovation within all areas of business.

Pictured Above: Members of the Crest Industries team accepts the Best in Show Award. From left to right - Calleigh Kress, Sarah C. LaBorde, Chloe Kress, Andy Miller & Micah Walker(PRAL President).
2022 PRAL Torché Awards | From L-R:  Calleigh Kress (Intern), Sarah C. LaBorde (Communications & Community Relations Specialist), Chloe Kress (Intern), Andy Miller (Creative Services Manager) & Micah Walker (PRAL President)
Not Pictured: Lindsey Launius (Director of Marketing & Communications)

The Avant Organics Corporate Launch strategy wasn’t the only nod the Crest team received from the Louisiana-based professional group. Teams across Crest Industries earned seven other awards recognizing their technical expertise and strategy in projects ranging from live-streamed virtual events to social media management and strategic community partnerships.  

        ·      2021 State of the Business Meeting – Award of Excellence
        ·      Avant Organics Branding Package – Award of Excellence
        ·      Avant Organics Launch – Torché Award, Best in Show
        ·      Beta Engineering Agile Webinar – Award of Merit
        ·      Crest Industries Talent Development Program – Award of Excellence
        ·      LIVE at the Drive-in: Strategic Partnership with the Cabrini Foundation –Torché Award
        ·      Women in Industry – Award of Excellence

Judges’ feedback included comments about the team’s “engaging [campaigns] with demonstrated success backed by measurable goals and clear-cut data.” Others said the team’s work was“creative, well organized, strategic and exceptionally implemented.”

Pictured Above: Crest Industries team pose with awards from the 2022 PRAL Torché Awards. From left to right - Andy Miller, Charlotte Tubbs, Anne Mertens, Sarah C. LaBorde, Chloe Kress, Calleigh Kress.
PRAL Torché Awards | From L -R: Andy Miller (Creative Services Manager - Crest Operations), Charlotte Tubbs (Marketing Specialist - Beta Engineering), Anne Mertens (Marketing Coordinator - Beta Engineering), Sarah C. LaBorde (Communications & Community Relations Specialist - Crest Operations) Chloe Kress (Intern - Crest Operations), Calleigh Kress (Intern - Crest Operations)
Not Pictured: Lindsey Launius (Director of Marketing & Communications - Crest Operations)

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