Crest Announces 2023 We Win Together Award

Members of the Crest Industries and Children's Advocacy Network teams pose for a photo at the 2023 Central Louisiana Regional Chamber of Commerce Business Awards.

Crest Industries is a company built around our values and rooted in our people. We own doing the right thing. We win together. We question the status quo, and we rise to the challenge. Since our founding in 1958, our teams hold fast to the idea that we win when we all win together, and success is never ours alone. That spirit of collaboration is embedded in our operations across our eight businesses and 1,200 team members.

We established the "Crest Industries We Win Together Award" at the Central Louisiana Regional Chamber of Commerce Business Awards to celebrate our core values and recognize a person or organization who collaborated, sought continuous improvement, and made an impact on our community over the past year.

We are excited to present the 2023 Crest Industries We Win Together Award to the Children’s Advocacy Network (CAN).  

The Advocacy Network serves eight parishes across central Louisiana and supports children who are in foster care or have been victims or witnesses of violent crime. Their work is vital, but also complex. The multiple teams within the Advocacy Network's umbrella collaborate with each other and various groups outside the organization to serve some of the most vulnerable members of our community.

They consistently look for ways to improve including establishing new services to support victims of trafficking, providing unique resources like a respite room for teens and children, and thinking outside the box to expand their facilities to accommodate for their growing case numbers and services. Their jobs are not easy, but their work and collaboration have an incredible impact on our community.

Learn more about the Children's Advocacy Network and see how you can support their mission to help heal and champion abused and neglected children throughout central Louisiana.

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