Empowering Tomorrow's Leaders: Crest Industries Celebrates FLC & Transformative Leadership

Empowering leaders to empower others, the Crest Industries Foundational Leadership Course (FLC) is a transformative experience with a history of developing leaders within the organization.

Since 2017, more than 150 participants completed the in-depth leadership course personally facilitated by Crest CEO and Owner Kenny Robison. Nearly a quarter of FLC participants earned a promotion within 5 years of completing the course, and many graduates of the program are now at a Management, VP, or Executive level within the Family of Companies.

In December 2023, Crest achieved a significant milestone with the commencement of its 10th Cohort, including team members from across Crest Industries' companies. As the team eagerly anticipates Cohort 11, FLC continues to shape the next generation of leaders through personalized and impactful experiences.

"FLC offers an immersive exploration into cultivating high-performing teams, creating a vibrant peer-learning community where participants gain insights into leadership concepts, tools, and practices," says Crest Learning & Development Manager, Rebekah Barnes. "This intensive 13-week program encourages individuals to venture beyond their comfort zones, identify weaknesses, showcase strengths, and commit to enduring personal and professional growth."

Under the guidance of CEO Kenny Robison and the Senior Executive Team, FLC nurtures emerging leaders with dedicated teaching, support, and mentoring throughout the course, shaping a transformative experience for participants. Crest looks forward to the program's future and the emerging leaders it continues to foster.

Each cohort has the chance to pick a unique logo and phrase that represents who they are and the work they've accomplished as a group, as seen with Cohort 10 choosing "The Mighty Oaks." Take a look back at some of the previous FLC Cohorts and their mascots below.

Individuals from Cohort 10 spanned across the Business Unit’s, including, Austin Bordelon, Blain Strother, Brandon Pitre, Bryttanye Webb, Dan Mitten, Eddie Rowzee, Emily Deville, Erik Lee, Heather Blalock, Jeremy Glaze, Keagan Yates, Laine Stoute, Madeline Mayeux, Marcus Miller, Nichelle Willmore, Robert Sehon, Sandy Schissler, Sarah Ceballos, Sarah Montelaro, Tiwanda Lavalais, and Will Strother contributed to the cohort's success.

Cohort 9 included, Aaron Smith, Brant Cook, Christian Mullgardt, Daylon Bozeman, Emily Baum, Holly Bradford, Jesse Dubois, John Stassi, John Taylor, Justin Ware, Marlee Paulk, Mike Long, Rebekah Barnes, Robert England, Sarah Laborde, Steve Ganey, Steven Cable, Vlad Skrypai, Wes Mouk.

Cohort 8 included, BG March, Blair Smith, Brittany Jackson, Charlotte Tubbs, Drew Morrisette, Jeremy Forbes, Kyla Martin, Lisa Agler, Maegan Baum, Marianne Dore', Mark Martinez, Martin Novotny, MaryAnne Prather, Matt Phillips, Matthew Bryant, Max Price, Mike Phillips, Patrick O'Malley, Renee Harwell, Taylor Dubois, Thomas Laborde, Tommy Fontenot.

Cohort 7 included, Andy Miller, Brandon Dubroc, Callie Lohman, Chantelle Taylor, Chris Dennis, Curtis Long, David Chatelain, Greg Varnell, Heather Conoboy, Jake Brouillette, Jared King, Jean Paul Sandrock, Kayle Dore, Kristal Ducote, Nikki Edwards, Nu Le, Richard Emberly, Sean Brooks, Shannon Tassin, Zeb Bryant.

Cohort 6 included, Ashley Gross, Bob Jenkins, David Ducote, Drew Shufelt, George Brashear, John Legget, Keith Henry, Kim Crawford, Krysti Deville, Laura Jolly, Leah Burton, Levi Deleon, Logan Barton, Luke Lazarone, Robb Landry, Ryan Vandersypen, Scott Russell, Susan Turk, Tyler Martin.

Cohort 5 included, Alex Brouillette, Bo Roberts, Brandy Newsome, Bridgett Simmons, Chip Cooper, Clint Harris, David Harrington, Duke Taylor, Jeremy Harding, John Halle, John Humphries, Lisa Oney.

Cohort 4 included, Billy Gentry, Brad Fontenot, Clay Compton, Cody Robison, Dan Taylor, Eric Gentry, Jake Woodard, Jennifer Gemar, Jonathan Spurgeon, Shane Doss, Shawn Dabbs.

Cohort 3 included, Benita Winbery, Chris Lohman, David Grassi, David Perry, Gaylene Davis, Jacob Fontenot, Jarrod Gemar, John Doggett, Kenny Dean, Lindsey Launius, Marcus Colligan, Pat Smith, Sarah Halbert, Tiffany Sauseda.

Cohort 2 included, Chris Wilson, Eric Veuleman, James Evans, Jonathan Oray, Lori Patrick, Paul Bordelon, Tim Tate, Tony Loken.

Cohort 1 included, Carol Hendrix, Clayton Eagles, Clint Jones, Dennis Wimmert, Frank Camus, Jordan Alford, Matt Purser, Sarah Sasser.

The ten successful cohorts show how individuals from various backgrounds, talents, and skill sets have united to win together. Crest is proud to showcase each cohort's remarkable growth, from Cohort 1, "The Mavericks," to the latest addition, Cohort 10, "The Mighty Oaks.".

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