DIS-TRAN Steel Launches New Logo

At Crest we innovate and evolve. It’s a constant cycle of continuous improvement – and it’s not easy. Growth and comfort usually do not coexist. It takes courage; it takes vulnerability; it takes a team like DIS-TRAN Steel.

Over recent months and years, DIS-TRAN Steel has grown exponentially in size, sales, and in leadership and culture. It’s not the same company it was 5 years ago, much less back in 1993 when DIS-TRAN Products split into individual companies – Steel Fabrication, Packaged Substations, and Wood Products.


Building a culture starts from within, and, when it’s lived and breathed, it radiates outside of the organization to our clients, suppliers and communities. DIS-TRAN Steel's culture is vibrant and strong, so it’s important that the “look” of the organization matches the overall feeling and persona of the team. DTS’s brand needed an update – a refresh so to speak – that matched the tone and direction of where the team is today and where they’re headed. Crest is proud to introduce DIS-TRAN Steel's new logo that symbolizes their  unending commitment to their team members, customers, and communities.

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