Celebrating Women in Industry

Here at Crest, we believe in winning together and celebrating those around us. In honor of Women’s History Month, we want to take the time to spotlight some of the incredible women across our family of businesses who are influencing their teams and impacting our company in countless ways.

Crest Industries and each of our business units operate in traditionally male-dominated fields, so we wanted to highlight the impact that the women on our teams have on Crest and let them share their thoughts on what it means to be Women in Industry.

In the Q&A below, you’ll hear from:

Callie Hernandez Lohman, P.E.Engineering Manager at DIS-TRAN Steel

Sarah Sasser TalentManagement Director at Crest Industries

Aulivia Bounchaleun – Quality Assurance & Quality Control Manager at Beta Engineering

Brittany Jackson – Proposal Manager at DIS-TRAN Packaged Substations

Sarah Gaspard – Civil Engineering Technician at Beta Engineering

Lisa Blair – Vice President of Operations at Mid-State Supply

What does being a successful woman in a traditionally male-led industry mean to you?

Sarah G: I’ve always been drawn to architecture and engineering fields. Now that I’m here, I’m proud to be a productive member of my team. I’ve never been intimidated by the idea of being the only woman on my team – in fact, I’m proud to be leading the charge.

Aulivia: It means being able to break down all types of stereotypes. I never thought I would be working in Power or Construction. I was given an opportunity after I graduated college, and I’m glad I took it!

Sarah S.: It means showing up each day, not to prove your worth, but rather, because you are driven to succeed – and that drive for success is not just for yourself but for your team and for other women too. It means supporting and mentoring others, leading by example, and not being afraid to be vulnerable and step out of your comfort zone so that you can positively impact the world around you.

Callie: Traditionally, engineering has been a male-dominated field, but it makes me proud to know thatI’m a part of something bigger than myself by changing the status quo.

How does Crest Industries value women’s perspectives, and what opportunities do they provide to empower and coach women?

Callie: The CrestFamily of Businesses has a large presence of women in leadership positions which showcases the value that women can bring to a team. One of the biggest opportunities I’ve had while at DIS-TRAN is to work with other women who have empowered and coached me through difficult situations.  Their input and advice have helped me to grow, stand up for myself and feel confident in myself.

Sarah S.: Our businesses give women the opportunity to lead change and to be heard. At Crest, we are building a culture that allows everyone to be vulnerable and honest without shame, and they give us the tools we need to grow along with opportunities to learn and even fail so we are empowered to get backup and become better versions of ourselves – beyond what we even thought was possible.

Brittany: When you hear and experience leadership asking for, listening to and considering the perspectives of everyone, it proves that each person is an important part of the team. It also contributes to the culture ofCrest in a major way – a culture that isn’t easy to come by.

Sarah G: Crest listens to our people. I’ve never been discouraged from learning new things, and I’ve been given every opportunity to do just that. When I expressed interest in learning new programs and undergoing further training, Crest made it happen.

What advice do you have for young women about to start their careers?

Sarah S.: Don’t be afraid of your differences – instead, take advantage of those differences and understand there is power in perspective. Ask for help when you need it, lean on your team, and ask for what you want. Be self-aware, look at the bigger picture and find the value in resistance, negotiation, and persistence. Know you are valuable for who you are, not just for what you do!

Callie: It can be hard to make a name for yourself in any field, but even more so in a male-dominated field so stay strong and believe in yourself.  Find other women in your industry to learn from and remember that your input is valuable!

 Lisa: If you work hard, take initiative, and apply yourself, others will value your contributions. There are opportunities to serve on committees, in leadership, on projects - you just have to have the courage to jump in!

Sarah G: Be an aggressive life-long learner; don’t stop pushing the envelope on what you can learn and achieve.

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