Crest Talent Development Celebrated Among Industry Peers

In 2022, the Crest Industries Talent Development Team earned local, state, and regional recognition from peers and judges across the nation because of their dedication to growing our teams both professionally and personally in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Crest Industries is a company deeply rooted in our teams - we care about our people and want them to succeed in every aspect of their lives. We believe in hiring for culture and developing talent, so internal training programs are the cornerstone of our company culture and how we live our values.  

We believe in empowering our team members to grow as leaders, professionals, and individuals, and our teams have spent years developing tools, building training programs, expanding the Crest Leadership Library, and cultivating a culture of trust-based leadership throughout our Family of Companies.

At the peak of the pandemic, our team members across the company invested more than 1,200 hours each month in planning, crafting, implementing, and participating in professional development, leadership, and training courses.

“This was a very comprehensive program with so many moving parts,” judges commented. “There’s amazing work here! Congratulations on rolling this out so effectively and adapting along the way.”

The team’s efforts were most recently recognized with an Award of Excellence from the Southern Public Relations Federation Lantern Awards program where judges commented on the program’s “great results, beautiful execution, [and] clear obstacles overcome for a winning campaign!”

Other SPRF award-winning campaigns from the Crest Industries Family of Companies included:

For a full list of honorees and more information on the lantern awards program, visit

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